Wednesday, June 8, 2011

1st Monitoring Appointment **Updated**

Had bloodwork and an u/s this morning.  Things are definitely happening in there!  Here are the stats:

Right ovary:  15 follicles measuring under 10mm, 1 measuring 11mm.
Left ovary:  8 follicles measuring under 10mm, and one each of 11mm, 12mm and 13mm.
My lining is 9mm.

All of that is good news.  I'll go back on Friday to measure them all again.  He doesn't want me to change my meds so the next 2 nights of shots will be like the last 5.  Things are progressing.....

**I heard back from the doctor this afternoon.  My e2 level is 1659 so they told me to cut my follistim dose in half.  I also start Ganirelix shots tomorrow night.  From everything I've read, that e2 number seems pretty high but I'll wait to worry until I get the number on Friday.  I just really really really really don't want to overstimulate again.

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