Tuesday, January 24, 2012

34 weeks

Here we are at 34 weeks:

We found out at an OB appointment on January 12th that Kynley has turned transverse.  Little stinker.  As long as Addyson stays head down, we should still be able to attempt a vaginal delivery.  They'll just try to turn Kynley in the right position once Addyson is out.  Sounds simple, right??  These past couple of weeks with her head jammed up against my ribs has been quite painful.  They are pretty certain she's bruising me from the inside out.  There's just not a lot of room for both of them in there!

I'm being seen at the OB once a week now so I'll update the blog as things happen.  They told me last week that once I hit 34 weeks they wouldn't take any drastic measures to stop labor if it started.  Still hoping to last a few more weeks, though.

I think my biggest complaint at this point in the pregnancy is the lack of sleep.  I'm hardly sleeping at all.  At the least, I'm up every hour - either to use the bathroom or to change position because of the rib pain or because my hips are aching.  Mentally, I think this is the biggest challenge - mainly because I know I won't be getting much sleep once the girls get here.  This is only temporary and my girls are much better off inside than out right now.  I'm taking it day by day!


  1. I've read about things you can do to turn a baby, but not sure about twins. May be worth googling or asking a friendly midwife or doula. Good luck to you!

  2. Thanks Aron! I've been seeing a chiropractor every 2 weeks since the beginning and I plan on asking her about it. I'm also going to check out spinningbabies.com. It's a great site for singleton pregnancies so I'm hoping they've got some tips on there for twins. If she had room to flip once, I figure she could still flip back! lol