Friday, June 3, 2011

Cyst Aspiration & Injections

Brandon was out in the field all day yesterday and all night last night which meant he had today off.  He came home around 7am, had a shower and some breakfast and was out the door with me headed to this appointment.  Even though I'm sure he was exhausted, I am so thankful he was able to be there.

I'm not sure if it was better or worse that I knew what was coming.  And again, they made us wait in that room a good 20 minutes with ALL the instruments just laying there.  Taunting me.  The doctor came in and I made him check one more time just to make sure the cyst hadn't gone away.  He laughed but appeased me.  It was still there.

He got everything set up and started.  I think the worst thing about this process is the lidocaine injections.  I lost count of how many times he poked me with that needle.  I don't think I'll ever complain again when the dentist has to numb my mouth.  After everything was over and they left me to get dressed, Brandon said, "Wow.  He's not very gentle, is he?"  Let me say that I really do like this doctor.  My only complaint is exactly that.  He doesn't really tell you what he's doing down there until it's already happening.  And let's be honest, no one likes a surprise hello from the dildo-cam.  Or a lidocaine injection!  Some fore warning would be nice.  He can also be a bit over zealous with the u/s wand.  He was moving that thing in all kinds of directions trying to find that cyst today.

But it's done and the cyst is drained.  We did our first shots tonight so today is considered day 1.  Here is what I have lined up the next few days:

6/3-6/7 - 150 follistim and 75 menopur.  These are both given subcutaneously.  I do mine in my stomach.

I will go back in on Wednesday, 6/8 for an u/s to see how things are growing!

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